A javascript engine for creating hyperlink-based interactive fiction.

If you feel like it, you can donate to the project and grab a rough copy of it.

Donate, and I will blockify you:

Or just email me if you want a copy but don't want to donate. I'll send it to you. In the meantime, here's The Binary and Atticus and Boy Electronic, games made using Blink!

More stuff: Bloomengine

Here are the goods:

Web based

Runs in any modern browser. Game authors can format the content using CSS and HTML. When playing the games, all interactions performed by clicking on hyperlinks.

Save/Restore System

Autosave system based on cookies. Secondary save sytem based on bookmarking a generated URL.

Rich Media

If you can embed it on a webpage, you can put it in the game.
Add images, youtube video or flash files. Actually I haven't tested the flash files part. But I believe it will work and if I believe hard enough it will come true. * Still working on this* But images work.

Inventory System

If you like combinatorial explosions, a “use object on object” system is available. “Use key on door”, or “use cheese on mouse”.


Blink! makes use of jsprettify to make text pretty. For example, " " and ' ' are not quotation marks. Jsprettify converts them into curly quotes “ ” and ‘ ’.

Interactive fiction is built with words. Text and typography are a big deal. Type should be elegant. White space is good. The CSS has been tweaked so that content gets the attention it deserves. A scrolling transcript keeps track of what the player has done.

Easy-to-write story-file code

Format text with standard html. Links can be created using shortcut code. This is what the story-file code containing two rooms and a chair looks like:

case "start":
root = 1;
d="<h2>Start room</h2><p>This is the room the player starts in. There is a {chair|chair1} here. A door leads to {another room|room2}.</p>";

case "chair1":
d="<p>An ordinary chair.</p>";

case "room2":
d="<h2>Room 2</h2><p>A nice room. You can go back to the {start room|start}.</p>";

Simple Debug Tools

Track variable data as the game is being played. Edit variables in-game and see the results instantly.


Web hosting with PHP (for the debugger) and basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Support Blink! Help me make more games

Building this engine has taken me a lot of time. I do web design but I'd like to spend more time making stuff like this, this and this instead of making people’s logos bigger.

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