A javascript engine for creating hyperlink-based interactive fiction.

If you feel like it, you can donate to the project and grab an older version of it.

Donate, and you can be blockified

Or just write an email if you want a copy but don't want to donate. In the meantime, here's The Binary and Atticus and Boy Electronic, games made using Blink!

More stuff: Bloomengine

The straight goods

Wabi-sabi coding style

It uses advanced programming techniques like global variables to do mostly everything important. Other techniques include deeply nested IF statements and variable names that are one letter long. Later the unstoppable power of variable scoping, functions and a few objects were added. Only then did it become a Javascript interactive adventure engine to be reckoned with.

It started as a learning experiment. It's still being cleaned up. If you already grasp a bit of HTML, CSS and Javascript, you may find it useful. Peek under the hood and you'll see an ugly baby where an engine should be but this baby has a lot of character.

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